Finale 2018

Finale Européenne 2018 :  04 au 07 Octobre 2018
The 2018 final will take place in Great Britain 
at the Bury Farm Equestrian Club , 90 km north of London.
Bury Farm Equestrian Center
Start List 
Start list : FLAMENCA  Results
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Provisional program:

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Welcome to participants

10h - 19h Open arena Practice

19h 30 Welcome drink of the competitors


Thursday, October 04, 2018

08h30 – 10h Freestyle Sound check / Open arena for familiarization

10h30  Main indoor arena: Opening Ceremony

13h -17h  Outside arena : PRIMERA (young horses test 1)

14h -17h30  Main indoor arena: SEVILLA (Imposed test level 2)

17h45  Price giving (1): Primera / Sevilla

18h15 -19h20Main indoor arena: MAGISTRALE Inter B FEI (Imposed test level 5)

19h30  Price giving (1): Magistrale

20h30 Traditional British Dinner  (Book your dinner now)

Disco with Open Bar after the meal


Friday, October 05, 2018

08h30 -11h45 Main indoor arena:: GOLEGA (Imposed test level 1)

12h00 -15h10 Main indoor arena:: LISBOA (Imposed test level 3)

15h20   Price giving (1): Golega / Lisboa

15h50 -18h35 Main indoor arena: MADRID Saint Georges FEI (Imposed test level 5)

18h50 -19h40  Main indoor arena: REYALE Grand Prix FEI (Imposed test level 6)

19h 45 Price giving (1): Madrid / Reyale

20h 15 Freestyle Sound check

20h30   Cocktail Riders dinner - Nations evening

 Riders dinner evening with the specialties of each country


Saturday, October 06, 2018

08h45 -12h35 Outside arena: NOVILLA (young horses test 2)

09h15 -12h25 Main indoor arena: CARMENCITA (Freestyle level 1 Golega)

12h40   Price giving (1): Novilla / Carmencita

13h10 -16h00 Main indoor arena:: FLAMENCA (Freestyle level 2 Sevilla)

16h30 -19h10  Main indoor arena: FANDANGO (Freestyle for level 3 Lisboa)

19h20  Price giving (1): Flamenca / Fandango

19h45 - 20h15  Freestyle Sound check

20h30 Great Gala (Book your dinner now)

Disco with Open Bar after the meal


Sunday October 07, 2018

08h30 -11h30 Main indoor arena: LUSITANIA (Freestyle for level 4 Madrid)

11h45 Price giving (1) : Lusitania

12h30 -14h30 Main indoor arena: IBERICA (Freestyle for level 5 Magistrale and level 6 Reyale)

14h45  Price giving (1): Iberica

15h 15 -17h  Prizes Giving ceremony (European championship, individual and team)


The times indicated are eventually subject to change

(1) Price giving in the main indoor arena




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